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      We are supposed to express our gratitude to others on Thanksgiving Day。 However, we should feel gratitude every day。

      God has two dwellings, one in heaven, and the other in a meek and thankful heart。 Be grateful to others is a way to show your love。 In our daily life, we often receive help from our parents, friends, colleagues and strangers。 Perhaps it is a little thing, pick up the pen you drop, lift a heavy box for you or offer you a seat in the bus。 We should be thankful to them for whatever they have done。 The more love you give, the more love you receive。

      A sense of gratitude can acknowledging our interdependent existence。 You will be ready to help others if you have a thankful heart。 Therefore, a thankful heart is like a magnet。 Not only will we attract more things to be grateful for, but also we will attract gratitude from others。 “give thanks a little and you will find a lot!

      Gratitude is heaven itself。 A sense of gratitude and indebtedness to others is and important wellspring of a generous and virtuous life。 We now fall into a busy life, neglecting to be grateful for details, the beauty of nature, the comforts of modern living ,the love of parents and so on。 People can notice these details and realize the friendship, love and happiness in our life with a grateful heart。

      Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul。 Be thankful for whatever you have, give and receive。 Happy Thanksgiving today and every day!


      In the Western countries, there is a Thanksgiving Day, the festival is used to thank their God the Lord to give them shelter and food.

      But I do not think we should be thank God. We should be grateful, should be millions of selfless dedication of the working people.

      If there is no weaver, we do not have these colorful clothes; if there is no construction workers, how will these buildings stand; if there is no porters, the tool grain will not be able to transport; if no one digs, there will be no wells and cave ;in case……

      Every job is important, and although they are not eye-catching, they are not a lack of work.

      Like a farmer. But still very tired of the job, but they never complained. Early spring, spring, flowers, it is a good time to play. But they are driving a tiller moment kept "Hang Hang Hang" to land. Neither flowing around the spring, nor idle, but hard seeding transplanting. Summer, the sun, the farmers are the head of the sun, sweat folder for the rice fertilization, de-worming, every day from dawn black. Spring hard work, summer effort, for all the autumn harvest. Looking at the piles of piles on the cart, how can we not be grateful?

      With the hard work of the farmers, only the food in our mouth, dish of vegetables. If there is no farmer, these foods will no longer exist.

      There is no God in the world, and we should be grateful to the working people of thousands.

      Hands to create the results, tens of millions of working people with their own hands to create our now a beautiful world, we created a happy life now.

      Thanksgiving, let us thank thousands of working people!

      Wish them happy and happy, good luck!


      Today is Thanksgiving Day, I decided to give my mom a foot

      Night, I finished my homework, the mother is watching TV, said: "Mom, you come to the bathroom to look!" Mother puzzled and asked: "What thing, why should the bathroom say?" I pointed to the stool, said: You please sit! "Mom looked puzzled to sit down. I poured some hot water in the foot basin, and then squatted down and said: "Please lift your feet!" I gave my mother off the shoes and socks, my mother did not understand what I sold in the gourd.

      "Son, what day is today, how do you think of washing up my feet?" Mom stroked my head with pleasure. "Today is Thanksgiving Day, in order to thank you for your parenting, from today I give you every day!" Mom silent. I looked up and saw my mother's eyes hanging like something like a star, I know that it was happy, happy tears. "My good son, my mother can wash, your filial piety mother know it! You go to see the book it!" Mom bent over gently patted my shoulder. But I like a "stone", squatting feet in the feet, have to give her feet can not be. My mother beat me, had no choice but to "respectfully from life".

      Dad came back, my mother could not suppress the happy mood, the father said: "old Liu ah, son grow up! Know that hurt the parents it!" Then she told him today to tell him. Dad took my hand and said: "Son, ah, today is Thanksgiving Day, I forgot, I am not as good as you, ah, did not go to visit your grandfather, my grandmother, I have to learn from you!" I am sorry to laugh, Father and mother also laughed.


      Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in much of North America, generally observed as an expression of gratitude, usually to God. The most common view of its origin is that it was to give thanks to God for the bounty of the autumn harvest. In the United States, the holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In Canada, where the harvest generally ends earlier in the year, the holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October, which is observed as Columbus Day or protested as Indigenous Peoples Day in the United States.

      Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated with a feast shared among friends and family. In the United States, it is an important family holiday, and people often travel across the country to be with family members for the holiday. The Thanksgiving holiday is generally a "four-day" weekend in the United States, in which Americans are given the relevant Thursday and Friday off. Thanksgiving is almost entirely celebrated at home, unlike the Fourth of July or Christmas, which are associated with a variety of shared public experiences (fireworks, caroling, etc.)


      During Thanksgiving activities, I did many things, help mom and dad to help dad with a with slippers, help my mother sweep a sweeping the floor, pour out the trash, I also did a lot of things.

      I used to think of sweeping the street cleaners work is bad, but I now know, cleaner can give me a very beautiful and clean living environment, so I want to develop good health habits, don't litter, can also reduce their labor.

      I would also like to thank the police uncle every day is that they are erected in the center of the intersection to direct traffic, because without them we would not have good traffic, but also a lot of people death, I well abide by traffic regulations.

      The teacher is my most need to thank, because they taught me to be a man of truth, and all kinds of knowledge, I want to be in the teacher's teaching, to learn earnestly, grow up to do as the teacher.

      I also want to mom and dad said: "thanks!" I must study well with excellent achievement to repay their parents for raising me.












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